hi. i'm leon.

sustainable ux writing &
 holistic management

I am a freelance facilitator and coach who collaborates from a holistic, design thinking, and circular mindset. I focus my work on three fields around sustainability.

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Creating sustainability
with UX writing

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Include sustainable ux writing in your team, workflow, and product.

Create value in a circular economy with sustainable products, services and business models.

Facilitating a UX writing workshop

Regenerating with Holistic Management

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Start managing complexity in your organization, farm, or community with a holistic perspective.

Build a regenerative, resilient resource base and become profitable again.

Fieldwork in Holistic Management

Shaping the local Circular Economy

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Support Berlin’s way towards a circular, citizen-friendly, and resilient city with Circular Berlin.

Learn more about circular economy, the tools we use, and the projects we pursue.

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Leon Bucher

Thulestr. 15

13189 Berlin 


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