hi. i'm leon.


How healthy is the way we manage our land, our portfolio, our organization?

I am a holistic management trainer, facilitator, problem solver, and infinite optimist who supports you with a regenerative, circular, and lean mindset. Together we create sustainable and regenerative journeys for your farming operation, organization, and community in our complex and ever-changing system. Your individual situation leads the way.

What brought you here?👇

Improve and manage a living system

Manage your farm, market garden, or communal land with a holistic mindset.

Build a regenerative and resilient resource base and create a win-win-win situation for yourself, your partners, and nature.

Your individual situation defines the steps. 

If we start with a holistic management training, describe your holistic context, or map your system, the goal is always to empower you to define your own journey and actions.

A hand holding a young plant to show the start of the process

Shape a regenerative organization

What can we learn from living systems and their complexity to shape and manage our own organization in the current and a future circular economy?

How does a regenerative, healthy organization look like for you?

Include regenerative thinking and sustainability questions in the workflow of your green startup, NGO, or community and become visible, clear, and concise with your purpose.

With new regulations around emissions, but also investments in regions and communities, the need rises to show and measure your actions towards the sustainable development goals. 

Let’s tackle this challenge together!

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Some amazing people I worked with recently

About me

I love to work with people on asking the right questions and solving challenges with a holistic mindset, writing new narratives, and creating beautiful sustainable services and products.

I am based in Berlin, Germany, but also work remotely in project teams since 2018.

After working +10 years in process optimization, lean management, service design and innovation management, I focus my work on two fields around regeneration and sustainability.

    • Holistic Management for people working with living systems
    • Regenerative practices for organizations, small companies, and communities

At the moment I work in a EU-supported project in Southern Germany for innovative strategies for resource-conserving and resilient grassland management and with companies and NGOs to transform products and business models with a circular economy mindset and sustainable practices.


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