leon bucher

agile & design thinking

In the past I have been working with focus on agile, design thinking, process optimization & process design and project management from an agile, user experience and design thinking mindset. Although my focus shifted towards sustainable and regenerative practices, I am still excited about facilitating a straight-forward design sprint.

How I work

As a freelancer most of the time I work embedded in a project-related team, remote or on location, or as a direct sparring partner for co-creating concepts with a holistic view.

Story for a bigger picture


You’re stuck with your project or in your process or need someone to support your transformation process? 

Whether you want to explore human-centered ideas in a team or just need to write User Stories as a new product owner we craft your next steps together.


Facilitating a UX writing workshop

You need to work with your team on a current challenge and need an out-of-the-box Design Sprint, Design Thinking training, or custom workshop to a specific individual and technical boundaries?

No matter if you are spread out across the country or even further we make your remote workshop work.

Circular Economy training

Leon facilitating

You are interested in Circular Economy and sustainable products, services, and business models and would like to get an overview or deeper understanding?

Together with the professionals of Circular Berlin, we create with you a suitable training or an individual challenge-based workshop to identify value creation, chances, and your role in the upcoming changes around the Sustainable Development Goals and the EU New Green Deal. 


Some amazing people I worked with recently

Logos of companies Leon worked with


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