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What is Holistic Management?

Holistic Management is a decision-making and planning framework to manage variables and changes in a system that is ever-changing. 

Holistic Management is an approach that originated in managing complex natural systems on farms, ranches, and public land. Focus is to regenerate and build healthy soils while creating quality of life for the people managing the land. 

It is most popular known for the Holistic Planned Grazing approach within.

And what can it do for you?

In Holistic Management it is all about your individual situation and the environment of your community or operation — if it is a farm, a market garden, a green startup, or public land.

Understanding the ecosystem processes and framing your holistic context kicks off your journey with regenerative practices.

Or are you an organization or municipality who wants to make Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture part of their commitment towards their community?

Together we will create an individual plan how you can pursue your own purpose, regenerate soils, and create quality of life for yourself while becoming profitable again.

How we will work together

As every organization, farm, and ranch are different, the most important step is to find out your needs and start with setting up a holistic context.

A hand holding a young plant to show the start of the process

Understanding your situation

In an initial call we find out what your challenges are right now, what your system looks like, and your goals with holistic management or circular economy.

From there we decide if and how we can work together.

Afterwards we sketch a possible approach for your immediate next steps.

A farm on a hill

Getting started

In a visit to your site we talk about and address your biggest pain points which hold you back from being a profitable, soil regenerating operation.

We start tackling the first pain points together like

  • setting up your holistic context or
  • gathering information about your logjams.
A tablet showing a plant and rain drops, held by two hans

Analyze actions

After an initial dive into your personal environment and situation, we analyze and prioritize the emerged topics to put them into plans and actions.

This can include

  • setting up a holistic financial or grazing plan,
  • starting your ecological monitoring 
  • connecting you to other practitioners or experts,
  • and more.
a shovel in the earth

Setting up routines

Depending on the prioritized actions the last step is all about bringing the actions to life.

This might include another session with your team to get everyone ready and familiar with the new workflow. 

Or just digging into the work.

Book a training

Maybe you already know what you want or want to get an introduction to Holistic Management first. Drop me a line if you are interested in one of the trainings available and I will get back to you once we have set the new trainings calendar for 2021.

Holistic Management Crashcourse

(1 day on site / 3x 2 hrs online)

Holistic Management Foundations

(3 days on site / 8x 2,5 hrs online)

Holistic Planned

(3 days on site / 8x 2,5 hrs online)

Ecological Monitoring & Holistic Land Planning

(2 days on site / 6x 2,5 hrs online)

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