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Why do I need to look at UX writing?

Simply put it is using words to create intuitive and enjoyable digital experiences. In comparison to copy writing, UX writing is already in product, in the service. It is not about winning new customers, it is a lot about keeping our users happy and engaged with our digital product.

Users need your product and service to get a job or several tasks done - easy, conversational, and intuitive as possible. When users are in need for a new product, feature, or service they will often download several different apps that serve the same purpose and then try each one to see which works best. If the app is poorly designed, the user will almost certainly uninstall it. But poorly designed is also reflected in the words we use in app, as headers & copy, and on buttons.

Together in a workshop or team sessions we will find intuitive, conversational words in line with your brand voice and style guide to let users get the task done why they came to your product.

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What has this to do with sustainability?

The customer's values and awareness towards ecologically and socially sustainable practices and products is growing rapidly -- combined with global movements like the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the EU's New Green Deal.

What does this mean for your product, service and business models? How can UX writing support your digital products and services? How can you create diverse value and become more resilient to market changes?

Together in workshop and teamwork sessions we will include your sustainability strategy and create a more circular approach in your UX process.

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How I work

As a freelancer most of the time I work embedded in a project-related team, remote or on location, or as a direct sparring partner for co-creating concepts with a holistic view.

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Understanding status quo

In an initial call we find out what your challenges are right now, what your system looks like, and what your needs are. From there we decide if and how we can work together.

Afterwards we sketch potential formats and ways how to approach your immediate next steps.

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Getting started

To get started and address your biggest pain points we tackle the first pain points together with

  • a hands on ux writing workshop with the team,
  • work sessions to correct the most urgent copy in your product,
  • a design thinking workshop with focus on sustainability,

and more.

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Analyze actions

After an initial dive into hands on work, we analyze and prioritize the emerged topics to make them into actions.

This can include

  • setting up a ux writing flow for your team,
  • collecting, sorting, and prioritizing copy into a backlog or a content style guide,
  • bringing your green goals into your product,

and more.

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Setting up routines

Depending on the prioritized actions the last step is all about bringing the actions to life.

This might include another workshop with the team to get them ready to write and familiar with the new workflow.

Or just digging into the work.

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