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hi. i'm leon.


How healthy is the way we manage our land, our lives, and our organization?

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I accompany change processes on the way to regenerative farming operations, organizations and communities and support your individual journey with frameworks to work with complexity.

With a holistic approach and understanding of our ecosystem functions, we develop next steps by focusing on your quality of life, decision-making, and the thriving of our ecosystem - with a healthy social, ecological and economic balance.

Your individual situation leads the way.👇

Journey for land managers

Understand, measure, and manage a living system

You have the feeling that ‘business as usual’ doesn’t work anymore? You  want to change something but don’t know how to start?

Start managing your farm, market garden, or communal land with a holistic mindset and build a regenerative and resilient resource base – to  create a healthy win-win-win situation for yourself, your partners, and nature.

Your individual situation defines the steps. 

If we start with your holistic context, an ecological outcome assessment, or map your system, the goal is always to empower you to define your own journey and actions.

Journey for organizations

Shape a regenerative team

You are an organization that wants to learn from living systems and their complexity to shape and manage your organization?

How does organizational health look like for you?

Include regenerative thinking and sustainability questions in the flow of your startup, NGO, or community and become clear and concise with your purpose – in the current and a future circular economy.

For special topics and knowledge, we’ll stay connected with Circular Berlin network.

Journey for communities

Create a local holistic context and vision

The impacts of the climate crisis are here, but we can work with them to build resilience through local, circular systems while staying connected globally.

  • Create the Holistic Context for your community.
  • Establish the Ecological Outcome Verification for your lands.
  • Work to understand what’s coming in the years ahead.
  • Apply whole systems thinking and leadership inspired by living systems to strengthen our social and ecological communities for the deepening challenges of the 21st century.

For special topics and knowledge, we’ll stay connected with the Climate Farmers and Circular Berlin network.

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About me

I love to work with people on asking the right questions and solving challenges with a holistic mindset, systemic view, and new narratives. I am based in Berlin, Germany, but also work and coach teams remotely and EU-wide onsite.

At the moment I am engaged in 

  • building the German holistic management hub, 
  • establishing the Ecological Outcome Verification,
  • supporting a EU project in Southern Germany for resource-conserving and resilient grassland management, 
  • and working with farm teams on their contexts, goals, and processes.

I’m a big friend of solidarity-based pricing and take therefore different amounts for a working day. We agree on the exact amount together, depending on financial possibilities and specific effort.

If the financial possibilities are low or if there is no money at all (but an inspiring social added value), please feel free to contact me anyway.

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