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Overview of my services

My services include different formats, adjusted to your situation and your needs: from one-on-one support for yourself live and remote, ecological monitoring, adapted holistic management workshops, or sessions for you and your team, e.g. around creating a regenerating team organization, and training in holistic thinking and decision making.

Define your
holistic context

Create a regenerative
path for your operation

Develop your
decision making

Holistic Management decision making

How we will work together

I work with you in individual coaching sessions, within your regular day-to-day tasks, or with your team on defined topics – e.g. in a workshop or training. As every operation, farm, ranch, or community is different, the most important step is to find out your needs and start with setting up your context.

In an initial call we find out what your challenges are right now, what your system looks like, and your goals with holistic management or circular economy.

From there we decide if and how we can work together.

Afterwards we sketch a possible approach for your immediate next steps.

In a visit to your site or organization, we talk about and address your biggest pain points which hold you back from being a profitable, regenerating operation.

We start tackling the first pain points together with

  • developing your holistic context,
  • participating in a training or
  • gathering information about your logjams.

After an initial dive into your personal environment and situation and in line with your context, we analyze and prioritize the emerged topics to put them into plans and actions.

This can include

  • starting with an Ecological Outcome Verification
  • working on a holistic financial or grazing plan,
  • setting up your ecological monitoring,
  • working with your team on processes,
  • connecting you to other practitioners or experts,
  • or just digging into work.

After our more intense work sessions, you will return to your day to day work.

Whatever you need to put your context into action, we stay in touch, loosely or in planned catch-up calls.

Everything can, nothing has to.

We will find a good way to support your journey.

Book a training or workshop

Maybe you want to start with  a training as an individual or a farm team? Part of my services is offered through the European Savory Hubs. 

You can find the current dates and events here: