What is mine to do.

It happens every time. Every time.

When I am outside I become a different person.

Something slows down. Something comes to peace.
Being at peace with life.

The quick, the fast, the „always reachable, always online“ not just takes a toll on our health – physically and mentally.

It also quiets the whisper inside of us.

The whisper that asks questions like „Why are we doing it this way? Why are we doing it at all?“
The whisper that says „This is so not me“.
The whisper that tells me „This feels more like me“.

The longer we ignore the whisper, the more energy it takes from us. And the less we can actually do what only we can do with our uniqueness.

When I am outside, I can hear the whisper.
The longing to be more attuned to nature’s cycles. To observe nature’s cycles. To understand more of life’s complexity. And my creative self pushing against the boundaries and boxes. Craving to express itself more through art, music, and crafts.

The whisper is not a ‚selfish wish‘. It is a healthy whisper to actually be able to go out and do the work that I love as well. To be in contact with people and facilitate emergence. To work on the ground with farmers and teams. To work on and within context.

Even mapping process flows to create better work routines or circular systems makes me happy when I allow the whisper to take time within my days.

Creating a sustainable life.
Winter thoughts. Outside.

What does your whisper say?

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