I love coffee. The ritual of grinding beans, heating water and slowly pouring over it. To then sit down and enjoy the moment.

I love finding coffee shops while traveling where you can engage with the roasters and the people and sit down with a new friend or two to enjoy the special moment.

I love leaving a little note for my wife when we can’t have our morning coffee together. So we are still somehow connected in the ritual although there’s time and space between.

Coffee is one of these powerful plants that made its way across the globe in no time. That found its place in so many different cultures.

Tobacco, cacao, and coffee.

How can three plants have such a power?

Coming from ceremonies, they’re here to invite us to a ceremony. To sit done and engage with the moment, the visitors, all life around.

Even though most of these ceremonies are gone.

Are we so craving them, addicted to them – coffee, tobacco and cacao – because we are longing for the ceremony? The community it involves?

To restore the forgotten connections.

How can these plants be guidance to our longing?

Coffee thoughts from Sweden and Hungary while engaging in new relationships.
And receiving a coffee gift.

How fitting.

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