// Seeing with new eyes.

This is me 6 years ago. When I traveled across the Pacific islands and absolutely fell in love with our world again.

I started seeing with new eyes what I couldn’t just a year before when my life fell apart and I left the corporate career behind. Traveling gave me clarity and time for thoughts. It slowed me down and exposed me to completely different habitats, ecosystem expressions and communities. A newness and different-ness like never before.

It gave me the push to a new course within my ecoregion, Europe.

Since then I’ve run pretty much on this. Working, observing, asking questions, monitoring the ecological change, and managing for regeneration and health of the ecosystem.

Working out of passion and excitement.
Working too much.

In February, I woke up with a blurry feeling just to realize that I couldn’t see properly anymore on my right eye. The eye clinic couldn’t find anything and diagnosed “dry eyes”.

Yet, I felt something was wrong within.
Something wasn’t right with my inner ecosystem.

It took another three weeks and a friend looking at me with an holistic approach to get me for 4 days into hospital with cortisone and more examinations – using tools for treating symptoms while I started digging for the root cause.

My ecosystem and inner community weren’t alright for a while now. Although I had made all the observations up to a year ago, I still followed along with the same tools and practices.

I didn’t close the feedback loop and put my monitoring into actual controlling actions or re-planning of my personal management.

It’s fun to use the language and questions from my ecological monitoring about myself.

It’s fun to use the language and questions from my ecological monitoring about myself.  

It’s fun and it makes it very clear for myself where I didn’t follow my own advice. I had to literally lose sight to be able to see with new eyes. 

Anytime our current problem solving capacity cannot handle the complexity of problems anymore that we are faced with, we experience a distortion, irritation, breakdown. We need to pause. We need to slow down to see why we’ve been running head first. To then be able to make better decisions. 

Moving with the speed of life. 

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease gave me the focus to close a gap I still had about diseases, healthy foods, agriculture, and the different industries involved. 

System thinking. Not “just dry eyes”.

It gives me a deeper understanding through experience what good food and a balanced diet together with movement, stress management and sleep really can do. 

And I know I’m not alone with this. For many of us this has been the entry point to regeneration. 

What regeneration means. 

What a regenerative organization means. 

A better management for our microbiome,  our selves, our ecosystem. 

Inside and outside. 


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