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about me

I love to work with people on solving their challenges with a holistic mindset, writing narratives, and creating beautiful sustainable services and products. I am based in Berlin, Germany, but also work remotely in project teams since 2018.

A plant grows out of a globe

For the last 3 years I focused on the two work fields:

  • user experience in (digital) products and services for customers or within a company and
  • how to transform products, services, and business models towards a circular economy mindset with environmentally and socially sustainable practices, tools, and coachings for companies and NGOs.

I come from a large business background where I led and collaborated almost 10 years in projects, crafted and facilitated 250+ workshops and trainings in heavy maintenance, sales, human resources, business strategy, and IT which all led to a change and transformation process.

I found my passion in the design thinking mindset.

Someone lately used the word polymath. I am not sure if that’s the correct way to describe me, but I do know from my project work that the more diverse people within the team and within their personal interests and backgrounds the better the outcomes will be.

No matter the topic or the industry, to solve problems in a complex system you need diversity in thinking to

  • understand and build empathy,
  • create ideas,
  • prototype and test them,
  • make a plan to realize them, and
  • monitor the realization to learn, adapt, and
  • create a sustainable effect.

The more I intensified my work within the NGO Circular Berlin the more I got interested in sustainable and circular practices focusing on regenerating and growing food on our soils. I learned the Holistic Management framework during a 10-day-training with Irish farmers in Donegal, dived further into soil health, and am on my way to become a Holistic Management educator.

I believe that regenerating our soils is not only a big chance to capture carbon out of the atmosphere but also a way to create a sustainable future. What I love about the approach is that it puts the land managers – farmers, ranchers, ranger, and more – into focus and back from reacting into acting together in nature’s way.

Open hand holding a plant

I love to be on stage, to pursue items from my bucket list, and to write about everyday moments here and on my personal blog “Across The Ocean”.

I try to live my life in beta.

What I have done so far

During the last 10 years I worked in different roles like:
design thinking coach | service designer | concept writer for learning nuggets | project manager | product owner coach | process analyst | event, workshop and training facilitator | scrum master | personal coach | six sigma blackbelt.

Stations so far

  • Circular Economy Education & Community

    Circular Berlin | Jan 2019 - present

  • Agile Coach | Facilitator | Conceptioner

    Freelance | Jun 2018 - present

  • Traveling to collect stories

    Around the world | Aug 2017 - May 2018

  • Senior Consultant Processes & Innovation

    Deutsche Bahn AG | Apr 2012 - Aug 2017

  • Executive Assistant to the Board Member

    DB Netz AG | Mär 2010 - Mär 2012

  • Business Process Management Consultant

    DB Netz AG | Nov 2007 - Feb 2010

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Leon Bucher

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