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A holistic approach to regeneration

What is Holistic Management?

Holistic Management is a decision-making and planning framework to manage variables and changes in a system that is ever-changing.

Holistic Management is an approach that originated in managing complex natural systems on farms, ranches, and public land. Focus was to regenerate and build healthy soils while creating quality of life for the people managing the land. Yet, the holistic framework is so much more and can be applied to any operation where at least one person is making decisions.

Holistic Management has nothing to do with location, climatic region, type of farm, or animal husbandry. It is a mindset and framework that provides understanding and processes for decision-making in complex, constantly changing natural systems.


And what can it do for you?

In Holistic Management it is all about your individual situation and the environment of your community or operation — if it is a farm, a market garden, a green startup, or public land.

Holistic Management is equally applicable not only to agriculture but also to adjacent sectors, communities, and urban areas. We are constantly part of complex systems, which we try to work through technically and procedurally. This is why we need a new mindset for the complex problems for which we do not and cannot have simple solutions.

Understanding the ecosystem processes and framing your holistic context kicks off your journey with regenerative practices.

Or are you an organization or municipality who wants to make Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture part of their commitment towards their community?

Together we will create an individual plan how you can pursue your own purpose, regenerate soils, and create quality of life for yourself and your team while becoming profitable again.

Holistic Management