Fire bucket with people sitting around

Why everyone’s story matters

Micro-narratives come from people. They’re the bits and pieces of stories we tell each other every day.

The stories of how things get done around here, the short-hand comments that carry lots of meaning, without explicitly saying what that meaning is.

Our values that become visible in our actions.

Collecting micro-narratives can be the best way of understanding a culture – and also changing it.
Those micro-narratives lead us into making better sense of the world we’re in and designing actions that take us forward from our current state in the direction of our context, our lighthouse.

Like so many out there, showing and living a vision of a solitary, abundant, and regenerative future – all their micro-narratives will lead us there.

Whenever you think, you are not (important) enough:

You are. Your micro-narrative can make the difference.

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