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Creating your lighthouse

„What’s quality of life for you?“ is a question we ask ourselves in our relationship quite regularly. To understand the other person better. To understand me better. And to be able to aim for a better together.

That sounds a lot like methodology and work. But with a glass of wine, it can turn into an open and important conversation.

I had several conversations with my friends from Land Regeneration, Climate Farmers, and Kuhproklima around the topic of mindset shift and why defining your personal holistic context is so important as a starting point – as a lighthouse towards our purpose, quality of life, and a regenerative future.

I remembered a sentence I read in Daniel C. Wahl’s book “Designing Regenerative Cultures”.

And that we all can play our role towards a system change. Not with grand gestures, but with everyday conversations towards our beacon of a regenerative culture.

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