Growing the local mycorrhiza network

When you travel 8 hours across the countryside one way to take part in a very local soil event you have time to think why you are doing what you are doing. When I say yes to invitations I don’t have specific expectations. I mostly follow my curiosity to see what’s happening in such a local scene.

We have quite a few poster people in the regenerative movement. People cited and seen on stages again and again. Like plants above ground.

And then there’s the rich network of people doing the work unseen – in local organizations, projects, and initiatives. People like I’ve met this weekend.

Almost like mycorrhiza filaments, reaching and stretching out everywhere. Transporting energy, information, and nutrients through the system, connecting the elements to each other.

While I sat on the train from the Humuswoche Oberland my mind went through the last 48 hours. I remembered stories of knowledge and wisdom. About the beauty of soils and using our senses for climate change, but also about the crafts of milling and forestry. About rich family history and building structures for local and social resilience.

People I haven’t met before. People on different local journeys. People I want to see and hear again.

If we want to create a regenerative system it will start here. In local communities.


How to grow your local mycorrhiza network

1. Get to know the elements of the system
(Who is active in the system? What is my role?
Why do we do what we do? )

2. Observe and understand interactions
(Who will be affected by my decisions and how? Who has what influence on the system? And why?

3. Recognize patterns and start actions
(What is a vision that excites me, that brings us together? What are the first steps to achieve it?)

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