Expertus. Or Experii.

Lately, I’ve been asked or addressed as “an expert” what I would do on this specific field, in this ecosystem. 

Do I have the answers?

Well, there are no blueprints.

And just maybe, we even need less “best practices”. We need more look&see trials on your sites and in your specific context. To let you try what works on your land.

We often look for experts and their answers to help navigate this world. Expert comes from Latin “expertus” – the experienced.

So, aren’t we all experts then, having experienced something?

Or shouldn’t we look instead for „expertus“ more for „experii“ – the process of testing and experiencing and figuring out things?

I don’t know and never will know the land as good as you do. 

I can share my observations. Or my way at looking at your fields.

We can ping ping ideas on how to strengthen the ecosystem processes. 

Or to realize your desired context. Or the weakest links.

I’m not your expert. I’m your partner.

Let’s test and create experiences!

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