Over the fence.

Fencing. Some love it, some rather try to avoid it. But when you look closer, you can learn a lot from it:

Fencing is absolutely context-specific.

You can gather inspiration, look into catalogues for equipment, get some guidelines, but in the end: It has to fit your personal, local, specific context.

When visiting regenerative farms, no fencing is done in the same way.

Why do we want best practices, blueprints, or “these are the 5 things to make your farm regenerative” and expect them to work when in one single task like fencing you can already see how much variety there is?

How can we embrace, practice, use the living systems mindset that we need for our world?

Also, in fencing, the core trait of all farmers expresses itself: They are creative as heck and can deal with so much complexity.

We can make this work!


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