West Bijou Reflections

#1 Gratitude. The days passed by quickly at West Bijou. Checking on the bison at sunrise became meditation, a morning ritual I will miss. Together with the others, I dove […]

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The right animalsat the right timeat the right placewith the right behavior. It always starts with this first question: „The right animals.“ Does your place need animals?If yes, which animal […]

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Over the fence.

Fencing. Some love it, some rather try to avoid it. But when you look closer, you can learn a lot from it: Fencing is absolutely context-specific. You can gather inspiration, […]

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What do I do?

In challenging times – world-wide crises and our own personal journeys through life – I found myself and others asking: Where do I start? What can I do? What is […]

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Regenerative Dairy?

When you google for case studies and examples about the positive effects of cows on biodiversity, ecosystems, and climate, the prominent ones to pop-up are almost always cow-calf-examples. „Show us […]

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Cows grazing in a paddock with high grasses 2

The new normal

Through the pandemic, one term got punched around a lot: ‘the new normal’. Seeing people with face masks everywhere, bumping elbows to say Hi, or bringing your kid to a […]

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