Holistic Management


In summer we have started the journey on re-designing our hub Land Regeneration

Finding way more questions than answers in trying to figure out our purpose, our value.

The last days I was blessed to follow an invitation north. 48 hours of intense campfire chats. Of deep dives into gratitude, grief, and growth.

48 hours in finding community and leaving again. Filled with even more thoughts and questions to think about – about our way forward. Our way forward together.



Finding community around a kitchen table.

The kitchen table.

How to create space for community to emerge?

How to let go of control, how to step into trust to let local community build itself?

To let life regenerate itself.


The landscape is calling us.

The landscape knows.

How do we step out of the way of our landscape to regenerate?

How do we get obstacles out of the way, without getting us out of the way?

We are a part.

Campfire chats.

Around a kitchen table.

Holistic Management


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