Holistic Management

Holistic Management is a Journey.

I’m sitting at my makeshift desk, looking at all the tasks I have given myself. All the things I want to bring into this world this year. A „Holistic Management Journey“ is currently on my drawing board and wants to be sketched out and filled with beautiful content.

It’s the time of the year where it’s still a lot about planning, about waiting for temperatures to rise.

Waiting for nature’s spring back to life.

How will the year look like? What do I want to do the same and what differently? What have I actually learned last year?

I look at my photos from last year. Experiencing a very brittle environment, working with buffalo, and planning their grazing. Herding 2.000 goats to Californian forests. Also, with planned grazing.

There’s still so much to unpack. So much to think about. And not to stop at the thinking, but to actively make this part of my next steps, my work, my being.

Drafting a „Holistic Management Journey“ means being on that journey myself. Thinking in wholes, but also breaking it down to better decisions right here, right now.

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