Thought in between trees

Trees aren’t “carbon sinks” or “carbon removers”. Trees aren’t a practice, a simple tool. 

Trees are community builders. 

They create the edges for life to thrive. Where different species meet and where some live their whole life.  An oak can foster over 2000 different species – not including the gazillions of fungi and microorganisms.

Trees harbor these communities during their lifetime and beyond. 

The effect of trees is not linear. 

Not 1+1 = 2. 

Not even 1+1 = 5.

Trees are 1+3 = 50.


They let communities emerge to create more than we could possibly predict or fully understand. 

Life isn’t linear. Life is beautifully complex. I want to see 1+3 = 50 for our own communities, on our farms, within our organizations and teams. I want to stand in awe to see what life will do if we create the conditions for life.


Trees are givers.

How can trees help us in finding our own role as givers within nature’s communities again?


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