Holistic Management

The good neighbor.

When I was asked if I can come to France to hold a session with agricultural engineering students I was thrilled. “Beyond regenerative grazing” was my working title to shift the discussion to ‘seeing with new eyes’ and mindset.

I was so grateful that our friends from @paturegenere joined me and shared all their experiences from their work in France. I can’t say how much I learned myself during this day.

We talked about key insights, ecosystem processes, and the tools to manage them. And looked into stock grazing, pâturage tournant dynamique, and regenerative grazing.

After the drought of last summer and the dry winter, how can we support the emerging questions in France? How can we set up ‘safe-to-fail’ trials to see what works on my farm and in my situation? What are the better questions for grazing, water management, and beyond?

The complex challenges are not just ahead but already with us. They don’t need nation-borders or competition but collaboration and co-creation across all systems – for the emergence of resilient regional communities above and below ground.

And that can be so much fun.

Thank you, Caroline & Louise!

Holistic Management
Holistic Management


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