Holistic Management

Leadership. Or Leadersheep?

When working with living systems we learn so much about ourselves and the complexity around us.

How can we share these experiences to guide our doings in human systems, organizations, and our built environment? How can it help us to figure out our place in the web of life while building a regional food chain or the next digital service?

Lennart took a group of participants and his @friendly_flock on 5 days of “Leadership with a difference.”

Through wind and rain, we worked for hours each day…

1. To build relationship, to wait, and to observe where we are.

2. To create a vision of where we want to go.

3. To understand pressure and release in movement.

4. To go by ourselves and experiment.

5. To go off again and bring together our learnings.

The days were not long enough for us to weave together all the learnings from within our small pilot group. But then with every group of individuals our own experience and learnings change.

I was beyond excited when Riff, our lead herding dog, actually listened to my French commands. Even though he and the sheep knew better as they bunched and came right towards me – instead of further down the grazing grounds. They were kind to me.

What learnings are you sharing? How would your learning space look like for bringing people back in contact with the beautiful living complexity of nature?

Holistic Management
Holistic Management


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