holistic management

Economically? Financially?

Spending time with a flock, herding and observing, gives your mind the chance to catch up with life. Gives you time to sit in silence but also to ponder bigger topics.

Lennart and I loved to dive into the economics and financials of ‘how to make it work’.

How can I be financially viable at my specific location with my resources?

Coming from two directions – Ranching for Profit and Holistic Management – we talked numbers, boundaries, and the space in between to be creative. To make it work. Where you are. And for what is possible within your context.

I guess it all starts with transparency and understanding the own situation.

Money and numbers.

How hard is it to look at it with honesty? At all the work that goes day after day into what we love? And where often too little comes back in return.

Where do you find support – with your numbers but also the energy to keep doing it? Who in your team is the numbers wizard? Who is the recharger?

In regeneration, with all of our purpose driven energy, we need to understand our situation to make it work. So we can be here and stay here for the years to come.

Can’t wait for our next in-deep-sheep-and-economics-conversation!


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