Ecological Health. Inside and outside.

Last week during our EOV monitor training, we went out into the field, trained our eyes, and calibrated as a group.

With EOV, we measure the health and function of the ecosystem. Context-specific. Farmers first.

We scored along different ecosystem health indicators – leading indicators and lagging indicators – and set a baseline for the upcoming years @remenyfarm and @tancoskert

How will each landbase, site, and field develop compared to itself? How will our management affect the change – towards regeneration or degradation?

But EOV also offers a chance to connect with our surrounding landscape. To connect how we feel when standing in a field, a forest, or a pasture. When we lay our hands on a tree, a grass, or a forb within a healthy community. When we listen to the wind, the insects, and the birds.

When we stand still and observe.

Can we see patterns emerge? Patterns that fit the way the land wants to express itself? Or parts and aspects that are missing? What the land is craving for?

Looking with fresh eyes, the land will tell us a story of the past, the present, and the possible future ahead.

„Re-connecting with nature“ is re-connecting our inner nature with the outer nature.

EOV can be a tool for that.

Also, it made me absolutely fall in love with Hungary.

Hope to be back soon.


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