Holistic Management

The more beautiful questions.

So what are more beautiful questions?

Depending on how we phrase our questions, we narrow done our space to think, our tools available. We lock ourselves onto a specific path to a specific solution.

And we love that. Because it makes it easier. It gives us, me, a feeling of: “Well, I guess I can manage that.“

Which is great when it’s about reparing a house, prepping a meal, building a fence, fixing a car.

It can lead to quick fixes and a ton of unintended consequences when we pretend to have a complicated problem in front of us when we are actually confronted with big complex global problems – that seem so overwhelming.

“Someone has to do something.”

What if instead of simple questions we need more complex, more open and wide questions to move forward?

Questions that aim for the root cause? Questions that can’t be answered easily with a quick solution at hand? Or that don’t even need to be answered.

Questions that make us feel
“YES! I want to be on board with that!”

These questions can give us a direction, a frame in which to look for possible interventions. Which we can trial, monitor, and adapt when unintended consequences seem to happen.

And imagine this was actually fun.

In your team, in your community, in your municipality or region.

Striving and thriving together in the shared direction. Within our shared context.

“Sequester carbon.” – What is the more beautiful question? A random ramble…

How do we restore our water cycle on a catchment scale to enable healthy lives within our planetary boundaries?

How can we create thriving local communities embedded in a functioning water cycle where the whole ecosystem is in a healthy balance?

How can we reconnect and fall in love with our place again to have it involved in all aspects and decisions of our societal lives?

How do we create beautiful places full of life where we feel rooted in – and don’t need to long for the stars?


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