I have a biased relationship. Currently I am really pi**ed.

I worked on a holistic financial training – felt actually very confident about it – and then…the browser crashed and my whole progress disappeared into the realm of offline-online-not-syncedness. Maybe not a good moment to write about technology. Or maybe…?

How much does technology in all its expressions define our lives? How much do we hold onto it as the one tool?

Our focus on technology surfaces very clear in the predominant opinion of “we need technology to make our lives better” and “only technology can save us”.

We start and end our days with it.

It’s easy to give into the promises. Especially when it seems like there’s no alternative. If it’s carbon capture or just finding your way around a foreign city. How we use technology makes a difference in outcome, unintended consequences, and the very real effect on us as humans.

Is it still a tool or is technology defining how we have to function? Are we managing technology or is it managing us?


Yet, isn’t it beautiful?

I love the possibilities to communicate with my friends all over the world, to work together on solutions across regions and systems.

And the information. Beautiful information in bits and bytes and patterns.


Being able to look at satellite pictures, slopes, aspects, and the movement of water to plan better monitoring on the ground. Connecting with someone who supports you in your decisions on the ground when your local community isn’t there (yet).

Finding patterns.


Information is beautiful. Our world is beautiful.


I look at these new possibilities and feel the pull to use them for the better.


Where do I draw my line? Where do we draw a line?

Just because we can do it, do we need to do it?


I will ponder this while trying to recreate my training outline. I guess it will be even better. After all, only actively working through a topic makes it an experience and becomes your personal knowledge. You will be ‘better’…

Sometimes, I even annoy myself with this.

I don’t want ‘character building’, just to vent a bit.


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