Principles of Regeneration.

The Holistic Context and the 7 First Principles of Regeneration are two frameworks I keep coming back to – using for myself and within my work.

For the last days I’ve been wondering how to bring these closer together when we use them for us as an individual, when we work within restoring a landscape or organizing a network event.

Your unique Holistic Context is a tool to frame your whole and guide your decision-making – to create your qualities of life not just in some distant future, but starting now. The seven first principles of regeneration by Carol Sanford dive deeper into the inner work we need to do and the outer work that needs to be connected.


For me, it is how to fill your Holistic Context with even more life. Something that is beautiful and exciting for yourself, your family, and your team.

Don’t know how to start?


Start with yourself or someone else you really care for and try to answer the questions around the principles.

And then share it with them. Or with yourself. 


Or just write me an email
and let’s chat!


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