Information. Experience. Knowledge.

„The rye is starting really well. But you can clearly see the rows where you drove.“ Fabi laughs while telling this our Holistic Management group. I laugh as well.

Yeah, my rows clearly look a little drunk.

Two weeks ago, I finally had my personal experience with direct seeding rye. Driving the tractor, trying my best to stay straight while pulling the 4 meter drilling machine behind, I was in such a fulfilled state.

I had seen it many times, read about it a lot. Doing it, something completely different.


I could literally feel how information turned into experience – which can be the young seedling for knowledge.


We live in a time where we have so much information available. Everywhere and at any time on a scale like non before.

Does this make us better, maybe smarter?

It’s absurd to see that we are actually losing skills and our IQ is sinking. How can this be?


I remembered something I have read in Elif Shafak’s wonderful small book „How to stay sane in an age of division“: „We live in an age in which there is too much information, less knowledge, and even less wisdom. That ratio needs to be reversed. We definitely need less information, more knowledge, and much more wisdom.“

Making many experiences – small and bigger – is a good start. Having a mentor by your side, someone who wants your potential to shine, is very helpful. Someone where you are not afraid to make a mistake but rather laugh about it. And maybe even switch roles within different fields of knowledge and experience.


This is what life is about.


Even if the rows of rye don’t look that beautiful afterwards.


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